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African dance rehearsals in Yoff’s Centre culturel municipal (cultural centre)

If you want to watch local African dancers rehearsing, visit Yoff’s cultural centre (second street on the left after the Via-Via inn on the road that crosses Yoff (coming from the cemetery and going up the street to the airport road). When you turn left, carry on 100 metres and you’ll arrive opposite Yoff Apecsy’s cultural centre. The rehearsals generally take place around 4.30 pm and last 1 ½ hours, but it is best to make enquiries beforehand as the time and day may vary.

The dancers are incredibly talented and if you are lucky enough to watch a show (regularly held in the sandy streets) you will realise that these dancers are often better than those you see in Paris, New York, London or elsewhere on stages and in professional shows. In the summer, some of the dancers form a dance group and tour Spain with their shows.

Yoff is renowned for its dancing and more and more dancers, schools and students come from the world over to learn to dance the Sabar and other tribal dances. You may come across Sabar dancing in the streets of Yoff and more often than not you will be welcome to watch.

Kakatar Residence can organise dance courses or lessons with local teachers either on the beach or on Kakatar hotel's roof.