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Gorée Island

While visiting Senegal, one of the excursions not to be missed is Gorée Island. Gorée is famous for being a pleasant and magical island. It is both an island in Dakar Bay in the North Atlantic Ocean and one of 19 boroughs in the Senegalese capital (Dakar). It serves as a memorial to the African slave trade and is recognised as such by UNESCO.

The island is reached by boats that leave Dakar harbour pier every hour, depending on the day. Once on the island, allow at least half a day as there are many activities and you’ll certainly be kept occupied.

Don’t miss:

  • The Maison des Esclaves (House of Slaves) with guided tours approximately every 30 minutes
  • The fort and history museum
  • Sampling pastels (vegetable and fish fritters) or a dish in front of the pier
  • And arriving at the amphitheatre, set at the water’s edge at the back of the island, after crossing a delightful square and an empty building: tam-tam, djembe drums and African dancing before sunset.