A wealth of experiences and delights

Various Markets: Sandaga, Soumbédioune, etc.

Sandaga market
At the corner of Avenue Lamine Gueye and Avenue Emile Badiane. You can find absolutely everything there.

Yoff market
As you arrive in Yoff Pêcheurs, ask any taxi driver for directions and times. You can find everything there, especially textiles and cheap clothing.

Kermel market
Food and flowers, not far from Sandaga market (above).

Large Dakar flea market selling fabric, clothing, etc. To reach the market, take a taxi from Sandaga and allow 20 minutes (maximum).

Held on Soumbedioune beach on the coast road. You can find fresh fish when the pirogue boats arrive in the evening. The sight is worth seeing and near the market there are many shops selling wooden crafts and furniture. The prices are generally high but there are beautiful decorative objects for sale.